About Us


Portugal Cork Co is an Australian family-owned company aspiring to bring the newest and most functional Portuguese cork products to the country - our love for cork goes far beyond just a business!

Cork is an affordable and increasingly popular material that has been making a positive impact on architecture and design, with our vast and ever-growing range accommodating for all types of possibilities. We work closely with architects and designers to complete truly unique projects which are helping to create a cleaner, more sustainable and much 'trendier' future.

The sustainability factor can't be underestimated as the Cork Tree NEVER dies! During harvest we only collect the bark, which actually supports tree growth and in turn helps to produce more oxygen! We also stand proudly behind our Zero Waste strategy in the production line process.

From the old cork floor in your Grandmother's house to modern commercial developments, there is no job too big or small to utilise the power of cork.

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